50 Cent Takes Aim At Kanye West

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50 Cent recently sat down with MTV News and denied that he was referring to Kanye West when he dropped the other F-bomb on the song “Play This on the Radio.”

50 hasn’t really helped to shoot down speculation that the line “first they say, ‘That f—-t hot’ ” is targeted at ‘Ye. Fif also calls Lil Wayne a “junkie” on the controversial track, before mocking both rappers for winning all the “trophies.”

In January, when 50 was a guest on DJ Whoo Kid’s satellite radio show, he hinted that he might have been talking about Kanye on the song when he made reference to West’s sexuality. He also said awards shows like the Grammys have no problem recognizing artists like West or Wayne but are afraid of him.

We caught up with the G-Unit general last week to clear things up. “I never said Kanye’s name,” 50 told us with a grin.

50 does admit to making fun of Kanye’s new haircut and old footage of West that appeared on the Internet recently, in which Kanye said he picks up fashion inspiration from gay men as well as the Japanese culture.

“I understand now where your inspiration is,” 50 said. “Prior to him saying that, I didn’t get it. I actually don’t believe Kanye West is gay. He might be sensitive. Trying — try-sexual. But I know he’s not gay. Tony made me know that.”

“Me?” Tony Yayo asked with surprise in his voice.

“Tony knows a girl that knows Kanye,” 50 explained. “So I know that if he was gay, he wouldn’t know the young lady we’re talking about. She’s one of those video vixens.”

During the conversation, 50 offered a feigned apology for hurting Kanye’s feelings (West has said in the past that 50’s insults are like “being spit on”) and further mocked his fashion.

“I seen the picture. It was so crazy,” 50 said, referring to a photo of Kanye and his entourage during Paris Fashion Week that appeared online several days ago. “It was him and four or five other people. They had on some spandex, cheetah, leopard. That wasn’t gay; that was interesting. Where I come from, you only see [those clothes on] gay people. Once he says gay people are his inspiration, it’s understandable. I don’t have anything against gay people, I just say what I think I’m seeing.”

But even 50 can’t deny West’s music, even though he’s made fun of the Chicago MC’s turn at full-on singing on 808s & Heartbreak.

“I’m still a Kanye West fan,” 50 said. “This last album was interesting. It wasn’t what I expected. I expected rap from a rapper. I knew I was gonna hear heartfelt losses, ’cause he lost his mom. He had a difficult time period. Even with things being at the height of his career, it was difficult for him. You can’t get me to say anything bad about Kanye West, ’cause I like his music. But there’s moments where he says things that make me go, ‘Wow! This is over the top.’ I actually enjoy it, because I say [to the fans], ‘See? You’re stuck with that. When I’m not around, you’re gonna have a mullet. Grow a mullet.’ ”

Actually, West’s new hairstyle is a shag. “I wouldn’t wear that thing on the back of my head, the shag joint,” 50 said. “It’s different. It’s something you would see maybe in the Village.”

Source: MTV

Written by: jahknoradio

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