I-Octane "Mama You Alone" inspiring for this Mothers Day

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Now in rotation, I-Octane’s ‘Mama you alone’ single is a depiction of a typical Jamaican mother’s struggle. As seen through the eyes of an older sibling, Octane tells the story of a hustling mother and her daily struggles to support her family. As he highlights some of the effects and condition under which she is forced to survive, he metaphorically describes the mental and physical scars inflicted upon her through her struggles, he sings, “loads from mama’s basket strain her neck and now it mark it” and continues, “its rough because she talk it” and of her journey, “bare feet at times but she walk it”.


Some of the heart felt issues described in this song significantly brings to life the taught pattern of an older sibling, who understands his mother’s daily plight and gladly takes on the responsibilities left at home, he ‘washes the dishes, sweeps the yard, take care of his younger siblings and spread the bed’. Now interestingly, throughout all this he questions his father’s disappearance, “daddy why you fail?” and concludes that his father “leaves us like Jonas in the belly of the whale”. But a Mothers love always prevails and her words triumph as he remembers “mama’s words of wisdom fresh like bread weh never stale”.

“Mama you alone” is good literature, self expression and good music. It is an experience many mothers can relate to and a life that gave birth, to many successful Jamaican children. In light of all her disadvantages ‘mama’ manages her family, “No she nuh have it but we still a get we sweetie and we chocolate”. Many children lives through the oppression daily and is optimistic, hence the success of the Asafa Powel and Usain Bolt’s of our society. On Mothers Day, May 10th 2009, let us reflect on ‘Mama you alone’ and remember those whose struggles seems endless and offer our support to those whom we can. To listen log on to

Article by: Sophia Mckay

Written by: jahknoradio

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