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Meeting Vybz Kartel has helped to change upcoming artiste Jah Vinci’s musical path in a positive way.

The 20-year-old singer, whose real name is André Kirk Rhoden, said since meeting Vybz Kartel early this year, he has been getting more recognition in the dancehall industry.

“Somebody tell mi seh di Teacha (Vybz Kartel) hear ’bout mi and him seh him a go carry mi ’round there. And when mi do a song fi di Teacha, him seh him a go mek mi buss before the year done,” Jah Vinci told THE STAR.

“Since mi meet di Teacha, a him a push mi career. A him a do most a di work fi mi. And him a di first one fi bring mi pon a tour (in Switzerland).”

Jah Vinci is signed to Portmore Empire and has been doing several tracks with Vybz Kartel, the most popular among them being Weh Dem A Guh.

This single has helped to give Jah Vinci increased recognition in the dancehall, even though some people believe he sounds like fellow Portmore Empire artiste Blak Ryno.

No rift

While Jah Vinci admits that the song has some elements of Blak Ryno’s style, he says there is no rift between them.

“I have my own style, but everybody seh it sound like Blak Ryno, but I don’t really see it. Maybe the type of song mek it sound like his style, but mi do mi thing different,” said the artiste who recorded mostly cultural songs with 357 Records before meeting his ‘Teacha’.

“There is no beef between us. Blak Ryno love the song. Is just one (Portmore) Empire. Teacha head it and we are like his kids. Him do him thing, and me do my thing,” Jah Vinci said.

Jah Vinci has done at least 10 other songs as part of Portmore Empire, including Haffi Mek A Stroll (with Vybz Kartel and Blak Ryno) and Fling Some Love Inna Yuh Soul. His next release will be a TOK-produced track called Middle Day.

He says his career is improving and he has high aspirations.

“Mi nah face no difficulty right now. Everything weh mi dream ’bout a come true. Mi used to wonder how mi a go get pon a show or how mi a go go certain studio. Mi nah fi worry ’bout how mi a go find the next meal ’cause a whole heap a thing a happen,” he said. “Now, for me, it’s just to get rich, take care of my family and help who I can help.”

Source: JamaicaStar

Written by: jahknoradio

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