No more money-tossing for Flippa Mafia

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Deejay Flippa Mafia has changed his ways. The eccentric ‘flossing king’, known for throwing foreign and local currency into the crowd during his performances, announced at Champions in Action last Saturday that he will no longer be doing his signature move. Instead, he plans to dedicate his riches to various charities.

When THE STAR spoke to the artiste, he explained that he doesn’t want persons to get hurt over his splurging.


“It’s my signature move but I don’t want anyone to get hurt over it. I’ve been getting complaints for a while now ’bout it, so I’m going to stop,” he said. “Mi see people fight over it. At Sting, one man push down one woman for the money and at ATI man a fight man and one girl seh her foot got cut. I don’t want dem stuff to happen because of me.”

He added: “Also people a bad mind me a wonder where Flippa get all dis money from; I don’t want it to cost me my life.”


The trend started when he used to throw away champagne, then he added the cash to be different from everyone else.

Flippa said at Sumfest he threw away US$500 and $40,000 and while at Sting, he threw away US$500 and $80,000. Now he is planning on giving back to his community of Waterhouse. While he hasn’t began to plan exactly what he will be doing, Flippa says he plans to give back to the schools, clinics and football clubs in Waterhouse.

He also says he has a special treat for his alma mater, Trenchtown Comprehensive, where he says he learnt a lot.

“I’m going to Cayman next month for a show and whatever I get I’m going to put down part of the proceeds for charity,” he said.

Flippa Mafia came unto the scene last year with the hot song Dem Yah and has since been dubbed the ‘flossing king’ for his outrageous spending and expensive gear. Flippa, however, doesn’t believe his lack of money-throwing will rob him of his ‘flossing’ title.

“Flossing is not about throwing my money, it’s about the hype, the car, the clothes, my style. People a sey Flippa can’t get no forward without the money, mi can get forwards same way without it; mi nuh haffi do it.”

Flippa will be appearing on Beenie Man’s Sizzle on Saturday and said persons should expect a good performance. He also has new singles out including Foundation Over Hype for Stephen McGregor, Through Dem Style Yuh for ‘Bibi’ Gardner and Mix Up for TJ Records.

Source: JamaicaStar

Written by: jahknoradio

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